Private LMS Revamp Brings New Features to VENZA Customers

VENZA today announced major upgrades to its revamped Enterprise Learning Management Systems (LMS) that will deliver exciting new features to its customers as early as this week. 

VENZA, the leading provider of hospitality-focused data protection and regulatory compliance solutions, offers customized private LMS platforms that allow its customers to design and implement tailored security awareness training programs. 

Building upon its existing foundation of excellent training resources, VENZA is updating its private LMS systems with several enhancements. 

User Interface Upgrade  

The LMS user interface has been completely reimagined with additional features and reporting functions, a unified Data Dashboard, and a Phishing Campaign Manager. 

Live Chat 

Get help instantly with an embedded Live Chat widget. During support hours, you’ll be able to easily connect with a member of the Customer Success Team. 

Multi-Language Support  

All pages on the platform are now available in up to eight languages using our translator plug-in, improving the accessibility and effectiveness of instruction. 

Mobile Responsiveness  

We’ve reworked the user functions of the LMS platform to be compatible with mobile devices. Perfect for employees on the go, content can now be viewed on a cell phone or tablet. 

More Soon 

The VENZA Product Development team is currently working on further improvements that will be announced later and rolled out in 2023. 

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