Reporting Requirements for Hotel Cyber Breaches: What to Know for 2023

Hoteliers should be aware of regulations requiring the reporting of cyber incidents to maintain compliance and prepare in advance of a security event. VENZA and CyberTek offer a unique package of tailored solutions for the hospitality industry that will keep your business seamlessly on track to meet current and future challenges.

This article will cover the current reporting landscape, what to know for the future, and what you can do to stay ahead.

Reporting Requirements Overview

Reporting requirements are laws that require the written disclosure of cyber incidents. Their purpose is to track, document, and catalogue cyber threats to inform the public and create accurate information for a governmental response.

Reporting rules vary, but typically specify common criteria:

*Covered entities – the regulated industry, business type, or size of affected party.

*Covered incidents – the type and scale of events that trigger a report.

*Timelines – how long businesses have to file a report after becoming aware of an incident.

*Regulatory body – where reports are filed. Rules can emerge from the national, state/regional, or local levels.

It is critical to know which rules apply to your business and how to meet them.

The Regulatory Landscape

A number of existing laws apply to entities affected by cyber incidents in the United States and Europe. In the U.S., a significant portion originate from the state level as well.

Beyond existing rules, additional regulations are in the pipeline. Though they may not apply to your specific business, they give a sense of the overall environment and indication of future changes to come. Examples include:

*Proposed changes to SEC policy affecting publicly owned companies

*Major legislation (CIRCIA) covering critical industries

*Proposals for incentives for reporting entities like grants or safe harbor provisions

Stay Prepared

The suite of tools available to VENZA and CyberTek clients provide the ultimate resource for those seeking to meet their reporting requirements. Key elements include:

1. Activity logging and server management – the first step to full reporting is full accounting. Stay aware of all activity on your systems with our Plus Offerings.

2. Consulting and training – our experts can assess your systems and determine internal vulnerabilities to make sure that you close any open doors before they are breached.

3. Prepared information – what you need to know, when you need to know it. Our resource materials cover timely topics and are accessible to all clients. Have a question that you don’t see covered? Our Customer Success team is always prepared to help. Real people, real hotel-specific knowledge, ready when you need it most.

Let’s Partner Together

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. VENZA and CyberTek are here to help. Cybersecurity is complex, but in partnership with us, your company can get started in as little as one month. Get a live demonstration today by contacting our Customer Success Team.

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