The Foundational 50 

Foundational 50 Icon

Join VENZA as a member of our Research and Advisory Group for Governance, Risk, and Compliance in Hospitality Technology — the Foundational 50. 

Your expertise can shape the coming VENZA GRC, helping us create features impactful for you. 

Membership in the Foundational 50 is free with no commercial obligation. This group is limited to 50, so act now. 

What You Get

  • Influence developing GRC modules – input on your most wanted features  
  • Progress reports on development 

In Return

Foundational 50 members will be asked to:

  • Provide occasional feedback about the new VENZA System and GRC developments
  • Permit VENZA to share the names of Foundational members with the marketplace

Membership in the Foundational 50 is first-come, first-served. Space is limited. Membership is available only to existing clients that hold programs with VENZA. 

For more information or to become a member, contact Sales