VENZA and CyberTek Announce New Firewall Webinar Series

Industry Leaders Partner to Bring Unparalleled Insights to the Hospitality Industry

VENZA, the leading provider of hospitality-focused data protection and regulatory compliance solutions, and CyberTek, an award-winning Managed Security Service Provider, have announced a partnership with a leading developer of enterprise cybersecurity platforms to deliver a specialized series of webinars.

Digging deep into the critical topic of network security solutions, experts from these organizations will combine their areas of comparative expertise. Issues discussed will include the high-level potential of evolving cybersecurity platforms, along with their concrete application to the day-to-day operations of hospitality management groups and properties.

“We are incredibly excited to collaborate with partners for the upcoming series,” said David Neel, Chief Technology Officer at CyberTek. “Escalating cyber threats make advanced firewall platforms more important than ever, making this a critical topic for broader discussion.”

“We aim to harness the platform expertise of others with our hospitality experience to deliver practical insights of extraordinary value to our clients,” added Daniel Johnson, Partner and Co-Founder at VENZA.

The event builds on the foundation of VENZA’s unique Hospitality Webinar Series. Held monthly, these 30-minute conversations are each devoted to a specific current topic and combine VENZA’s leaders with the perspectives of outside industry professionals, streamed live online.

The VENZA and CyberTek webinar series will run from December 2022 to February 2023. Specific topics include “Proven Plans: A Partnership Designed to Mitigate Risk Through Coordination,” “Best Practices for Firewall Management in Hospitality,” and “The Evolving Threat Landscape in Hospitality.”