VENZA Continues to Seek and Value Client Input with 2023 Town Hall Meetings

VENZA, the leading provider of data protection and regulatory compliance solutions for the hospitality industry, today announced that it has completed its 2023 Town Hall Meetings Initiative. The collaborative venture, which brings together key stakeholders throughout the company’s community, is an extension of VENZA’s ongoing process of improving its programs and products by soliciting and incorporating client input.

“This year’s Town Halls provided us with invaluable insights directly from our clients,” said Barbara Espinosa, Global Executive Vice President of Client Experience. “Their input is essential in shaping our services and solutions. At VENZA, we believe in building a collaborative community where every voice is heard and valued. This initiative plays a key element in allowing us to continue to do so”.

“This initiative is a testament to our commitment to not just meet, but exceed, the expectations of those we serve in hospitality,” she added.

The 2023 meetings generated qualitative and quantitative feedback which included client recommendations for optimizing processes related to accounting, marketing, reporting, and training. Overall, the results were highly positive, with clients noting the responsiveness and professionalism of VENZA’s Customer Success Coaches, the knowledge of VENZA’s Security Analysts, and VENZA’s hospitality expertise as company strengths.

“VENZA’s hospitality knowledge is comforting. They understand the day-to-day processes of a hotel and the hospitality industry and the systems we use. Other providers just don’t get our space,” said Brian Kelley, Chief Financial Officer of Hospitality at The Yarrow Group.

“If there are every any issues, VENZA is quick to respond,” added Tim Ross, Corporate Controller at Northpoint Hospitality Management.

The successful completion of the 2023 Town Hall Meetings underscores VENZA’s commitment to continual improvement and client-centric approach. The incorporation of direct client feedback into its services not only strengthens VENZA’s offerings but also solidifies its position as a leader in the hospitality industry.

Moving forward, VENZA plans to build on this momentum, ensuring that the voice of its clients remains at the forefront of its strategic and operational decisions in its development of the Vision ’25 Product Roadmap and future Town Hall initiatives.


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