VENZA Expands Human Resources Compliance Training Offerings with Mitratech

VENZA, the leading provider of data protection and regulatory compliance solutions for the hospitality industry, today announced a partnership with Mitratech, through newly acquired Syntrio, to offer new human resource and compliance training courses in the VENZA Learning™ Content Library. By expanding its content to include a range of new topics, VENZA continues to establish itself as the premier provider of comprehensive training courses for hoteliers.

“VENZA’s partnership with Mitratech represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide comprehensive, expert-driven training solutions,” said Barbara Espinosa, Global Executive Vice President of Client Experience at VENZA. “It enables us to offer an even broader spectrum of essential HR and compliance courses and leverages the unique HR expertise of Mitratech, further empowering hoteliers to navigate the complexities of today’s workforce challenges and compliance requirements.”

VENZA has long offered standard-setting courses on Information Security, including its Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Learning Paths, and Elective Courses covering a variety of data protection, privacy law, and PCI DSS compliance topics. By conducting training with these courses, VENZA clients are positioned as forward-looking and capable of adapting to a constantly changing risk and compliance landscape.

In partnership with Mitratech, VENZA’s offerings on human resources and compliance issues outside of data privacy will be greatly expanded. New courses that will be added to the VENZA Learning Content Library include Workplace Harassment and Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion, Employment Discrimination, and Workplace Safety/OSHA, among others. These additions respond directly to the growing needs of hoteliers who face an increasingly challenging workplace and compliance landscape.

“Mitratech has long been a leader in human resource solutions that help organisations around the world make the workplace more collaborative and compliant,” Espinosa continued. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them to enhance the course selection available to our clients. Alongside VENZA’s expertise in data protection for hoteliers, Mitratech will provide an outstanding compliment on the HR side.”

“VENZA is committed to innovation and constantly seeking ways to enhance the value of a VENZA subscription for our clients. The partnership with Mitratech is the latest example of that effort,” she added.


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