VENZA Releases New Explore Onsite Security Testing Program

VENZA, the leading provider of data protection and regulatory compliance solutions for the hospitality industry, today announced the release of its new program for comprehensive security testing—Explore. Offering both on-property, in-person assessments and an expanded range of remote evaluations, Explore provides a uniquely comprehensive set of tools for hoteliers to address complex, multifaceted threats and establish an unparalleled defense.

Explore builds upon VENZA’s classic strengths by starting with its VENZA Phishing and Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) products, then adding all-new VENZA Vishing and VENZA Smishing simulations, and Onsite Social Engineering Testing for direct observations of properties’ physical and human security.

“The current threat landscape requires more than single-vector tests. Even the best designed one-off examinations can create an incomplete picture of an organisation’s security profile,” said Casey Harrigan, Product Director at VENZA. “With Explore, we’ve addressed this by building a complete full-spectrum approach that addresses the most common social engineering scenarios—phishing, vishing, and smishing—and packaged that with the essential tools of remote pen testing and onsite assessment. This allows our expert team to systematically approach many elements of a hotel’s operations and staff interactions to expose and patch weaknesses.”

“Even better, Explore’s product lineup is fully modular and customizable, allowing our clients to select a custom mix of tools that is most suited to bring value to their unique environment,” he added.

A signature element of Explore is its Onsite Social Engineering Testing product. Subscribing clients will receive simulated in-person attempts to breach property security through human interaction and manipulation that mirror common techniques used by criminals posing as guests or vendors. After the simulation, clients will receive a detailed report of findings, be assigned a proprietary Explore Risk Score, receive specific recommendations for remediation, and gain access to tailored post-assessment reinforcement instructional materials to build a strong security culture.

“Over 90% of breaches rely on a form of social deception as their starting point,” said Harrigan. “This framed our ground-up approach to building Explore. We wanted to put together a package of tools that truly represented a broad-spectrum assessment of all the most critical aspects of the human and physical firewall. We’re thrilled to now be announcing its release and are looking forward to continuing to deliver upon our promise of better visibility and better defense.”


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