VENZA Summit Fall Fitness Challenge 2021

VENZA Summit Fall Fitness Challenge 2021

This summer, VENZA and CyberTek employees took on the first ever Summit Challenge. They broke into teams and, over the course of 21 days, were challenged with walking the same number of steps it would take to climb mount Everest: 85,238.

This fall, between November 29th and December 12th,  employees stepped up to the #walkoffyourturkey challenge and didn’t disappoint.

The winners from the Summer challenge were chosen as team captains and got to decide on their team’s name and charity to support. The Walkers 16 led by Emil Dimov, Glubke’s Gobblers led by Kevin Glubke, and Rocky’s Athletic Division led by Olga Brunnerová, tracked their steps for two weeks and recorded them at the end of every day.

Walkers 16 raised funds for Operation Christmas Child, Glubke’s Gobblers picked the Alzheimer’s Association, and Rocky’s Athletic Division picked Partners In Health. GoFundMe campaigns were set up for each of the three teams, and all donations were given directly to the respective charities.

The Walkers 16 won the challenge and recorded 1,015,582 steps. Rocky’s Athletic Division came in second with 978,000 steps, and Glubke’s Gobblers came in last with 636,634 steps making this challenge’s total step count 2,630,216!

The standout walkers this challenge were two time winner Kevin Glubke, a Customer Success Coach, with 228,851 steps, followed by Olga Brunnerová, a Customer Success Coach, with 161,080 steps, and Emil Dimov, a Sales Development Representative, with 158,506 steps.

Kevin Glubke, the top walker, everyone who walked 100,000 or more steps, and Chrissy Wadsworth who was randomly selected from the top 10 most consistent walkers, received Amex gift cards.

“I think these challenges offer our expanding team the opportunity to do more than just clock in, work, and clock out,” said Jeff Venza, Chairman and CEO of VENZA. “We incentivize our team and give them the time and space to focus on health during their day. I can’t wait to see what the next challenge will be.”

VENZA is committed to providing a dynamic workplace for their employees, who in turn, are committed to providing excellent customer service to VENZA’s clients.