Webinar: Finding Security Talent

Webinar Finding Security Talent
A study from late 2019 found that the shortage of data security talent in 2020 was a concern for 91.3% of businesses. Today, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic worsened by a dramatic surge in cyberattacks and complicated by new mandates for remote working, competent IT security professionals have never been so essential.

This webinar answers the questions:
1) What data security professionals does a hotel group need?
2) What skills, experience, and qualifications do those positions require?
3) What are the salary requirements, typically, for these professionals?

The webinar lineup is:
Presenter – Larry Thomas, CISSP, CEH, Security Manager, VENZA
Industry Expert – Christos Andreopoulos, Head of Information Technology, Oetker Collection
Industry Expert – Bryan Hammer, Vice President, IT, Belmond Moderator – Daniel Johnson, Partner/Co-Founder, VENZA
Producer – Sean Shields, Brand Ambassador, VENZA

Download the handout from this webinar here.