Wyndham Hit With Shareholder Derivative Lawsuit Because of Data Breaches

Wyndham Worldwide is learning the hard way that the consequences of allegedly not taking adequate steps to prevent data breaches aren’t limited to customer complaints and government penalties.  In the wake of its well-publicized data breaches, and the recent temporary setback in its litigation with the Federal Trade Commission, Wyndham and a number of its directors and officers have just been slapped with a shareholders derivative suit. Click to learn more.

Hoteliers are strongly advised to act now to implement procedures and practices designed to prevent data breaches.  An integral part of any data breach prevention strategy is properly training your employees, managers, and IT personnel on how to comply with the latest and best industry practices. 

The Venza Group has partnered with the law firm Arnall Golden Gregory (AGG) to create a series of interactive eLearning modules to address PCI compliance in the hotel industry. Management, employees and IT are taught about the requirements they must support as part of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.  The Venza Group also has partnered with AGG to create an interactive eLearning module to train hoteliers on general privacy and security awareness issues and on sexual harassment prevention.