VENZA Announces Product Roadmap Updates for Q2 2023

VENZA, the leading provider of data protection and regulatory compliance tools for the hospitality industry, today announced significant updates to its Product Roadmap as part of Vision ’24.

During the second quarter, VENZA released transformative additions to its product lineup, along with new enhancements to many of its existing tools and resources. Collectively, these changes cement VENZA’s status as a comprehensive provider of essential security products.

“Q2 brought major changes to VENZA’s product offerings,” said Barbara Espinosa, Product Marketing Director at VENZA. “The release of the VENZA System is a signature accomplishment in our ongoing efforts to throttle up our tools for transparency and organizational clarity and deliver high levels of actionable intelligence to avoid risk and business interruption.”

“Alongside this, we’re excited to add major new products like Pen Testing-as-a-Service and Pathfinder,” Espinosa added. “Together, these pieces round out our product and program offerings, making VENZA effectively a one-stop-shop for all data protection tools required by modern hoteliers.”

Highlights of Q2 include:

VENZA System

The release of the VENZA System—a new risk and reporting dashboard that intelligently combines data from VENZA products for greater visibility. The VENZA System turns VENZA Learning™ and VENZA Phishing™ into a unified instrument with customizable reports. The platform, developed in-house and tailored for hospitality, updates dynamically in real-time. Users can select data by type and filter by level, from organizational down to work groups, producing the information you need when you need it. Find out more.

Pen Testing-as-a-Service

VENZA released Pen Testing-as-a-Service—a new product that uses simulated cyberattacks against client computer systems to locate and attempt to exploit vulnerabilities. Using a combination of intelligent automated testing and manual deployment of state-of-the-art techniques by VENZA’s in-house ethical hackers, Pen Testing-as-a-Service catalogs and reports clients’ points of weakness and provide recommendations for remediation. Read more here.

Pathfinder Training

VENZA launched a new in-person brick-and-mortar security awareness training program: Pathfinder. To train and certify large groups of employees, VENZA experts can travel to your property and deliver a modified version of VENZA’s Basic Learning Path. Pathfinder clients also receive supporting resources including an Instructor Packet, a Student Guide, and Reinforcement Materials for continued learning. Get the details here.

Cyber Insurance Calculator

VENZA released a new free resource about the popular topic of cybersecurity insurance—paid financial protection against losses stemming from cyber events. Users can complete a short questionnaire to receive their risk profile, expected premium adjustment, and


VENZA continued its Hospitality Webinar Series in Q2 using a revamped quarterly format in 2023. Focusing on Cybersecurity Insurance, its second webinar discussed trends in premiums, tips for receiving coverage, and a discussion of how investments in data protection and security can benefit insurance seekers. It also provided updates on company news and product developments.

And More

These are just a few of the dozens of updates, enhancements, and new products planned for Vision ’24. For full coverage, check out the complete recap on the VENZA website.


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