Webinar: Cyber Security Budgets…How Much is Right?

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Assuming what worked in the past will work in the future has always been risky. During this current crisis, our experts will assess “The 5 Must-Haves” of the past. Are they relevant today? Are there other cybersecurity budget line items that should now be ranked as “must-haves”? And how much should organizations budget for these necessary solutions?

Why GDPR does affect hotels in the U.S.

What is the single biggest misconception on why GDPR does affect hotels in the US?  I’ve heard people say: “I don’t have hotels in Europe so it doesn’t affect me?” or they say “What governing body will uphold the law on US soil?” it seems as though the biggest misconception regarding GDPR is that it […]


What are the 10 Steps to a more secure hotel? Daniel Johnson, Partner/co-Founder of VENZA gives hoteliers the high-level points of securing your properties and what you need to consider when managing data protection risks.