Changing Rules for a Changing World: Why Doing Good is Now Very Good for Business

Changing Rules for a Changing World: Why Doing Good is Now Very Good for Business
In the world of professional sports, athletes dedicate hours honing their particular craft through the meticulous acquisition and practice of a specialized set of skills. But before they step foot on their arena of choice, they have to learn the rules of the game. After all, you can’t play the game — certainly, you can’t play to win — if you don’t know how the game is played. In the realm of business, the same rules apply.

Email Threat Protection Webinar Q&A

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We ran out of time during the 19th of August’s webinar on Email Protection to answer all the questions. Below we give a bit of attention to areas the attendees sought more coverage:

Best Pricing in Years on Essential Security

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The time is now! Cyber-attacks are up by as much as 131% since the start of the pandemic. Occupancy rates struggle to achieve 50%. Approximately 87% of hotels are having to furlough staff. It is imperative to act today to achieve a superior data security posture AND save money.

Email Protection, Hospitality’s 2020

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Whatever the field, it matters to use accurate terms. While baking, it is best not to ask for baking soda if you need baking powder. In basketball, it’s a hoop, not a ring. Coincidentally, you spar in a boxing ring (that happens to be square). In the world of data breach research, the term VERIS refers to the Vocabulary for Event Recording and Incident Sharing (VERIS). Effectively, it is a term for the thing that catalogues the other terms.

Impersonation Protection with Email Security

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Running a business is stressful enough in this economy. There was a time when you only needed to worry about a few suspicious email messages in your inbox. Now, any message could be a potential phishing threat lurking in your inbox.

Advanced EndPoint Protection and Response (EDR)

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So, what is EDR? It’s a multifaceted solution that does everything modern managed antivirus (AV) can do but takes things a step further—providing greater security and (most importantly) peace of mind. These include, but are not limited to:

What is SIEM and why is it important?

SIEM (pronounced like “SIM”) stands for Security Information and Event Management. SIEM provides a real-time analysis of security through a combination of security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM). Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) generates real-time security alerts by applications and network hardware.


Email Threat Protection

Don’t let the inbox be the weakest link in your company’s security posture. Email Threat Protection provides multi-layered filtering that permits legitimate email while keeping out malicious threats such as phishing, impersonation, malware, ransomware, and spam-type messages.

VENZA Launches Vendor Security Assessments

Vendor Security Assessments

On the one-year anniversary since the announcement of the world’s first (and still only!) privacy management solution equipped with hospitality-specific templates, the partnership between The Privacy Company and VENZA once again bears fruit. This time, they have crafted a Third-Party Management solution that assesses the security risks associated with vendors, both current and prospective. This solution provides hotel groups with an easy-to-use system for managing the many agreements they have with their vendors (e.g. MSAs, SLAs, DPAs, AOCs) and assessing each vendor’s security posture.

Webinar: Finding Security Talent

Webinar Finding Security TalentA study from late 2019 found that the shortage of data security talent in 2020 was a concern for 91.3% of businesses. Today, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic worsened by a dramatic surge in cyberattacks and complicated by new mandates for remote working, competent IT security professionals have never been […]