Congress Is Paying Closer Attention to Businesses’ Efforts to Protect Consumers’ Financial Information

The protection of consumers’ financial information is a hot topic on the Hill these days.  Earlier this month, Congress held a hearing on, “Data Security: Examining Efforts to Protect Americans’ Financial Information.”   The hearing was held in response to “significant data breaches” experienced by American companies and universities over the last six months, and that […]

Wyndham Pulls Congress into its Fight with the FTC over Data Breach Liability

According to Wyndham Worldwide Corp., the hotelier and Congress see things eye-to-eye when it comes to the FTC’s lawsuit against the Wyndham for past data breaches.  On February 6th,Wyndham wrote a letter to a U.S. District Court, citing recently proposed legislation on the Hill to bolster its argument that the agency has no authority to […]

Hotels Continue to Be Pummeled by Data Breaches

Continuing what is starting to feel like the grand tradition of recent, highly publicized, and devastating online attacks on American businesses, White Lodging, a manager of hotel franchises for nationwide hotel brands such as Marriott, Hilton, and Starwood, is investigating a reported data breach involving hotel customers’ payment information.  The alleged breach may have exposed […]

Target Data Breach Aftermath: Congress Seeks to Hold Merchants Accountable for Data Breaches

In the aftermath of last month’s data breach at retail giant Target, the United States Congress is considering more aggressive actions against merchants who find themselves at risk of exposing customer data to hackers. The facts surrounding the Target breach—during which the payment card data of over 40 million customers and other customer information of […]

Hotel / Casino Company Falls Victim to Computer Malware, and Hundreds of Thousands of Guests are Affected by the Resulting Data Breach

Yet another hotel company has been victimized by a malicious data breach, compromising its guests’ confidential personal information and exposing the hotelier to significant expense and potential liability.  This time the victim was Affinity, a Las Vegas company that owns casinos and hotels in four states. After  detecting fraudulent charges linked to one of its […]

Leading authority predicts more FTC data breach actions similar to FTC’s lawsuit against Wyndham

Robert R. Belair, a leading authority on privacy matters in Washington, D.C., predicts that in 2014 the FTC will continue its aggressive pursuit of enforcement actions against companies that are subjected to data breaches.  Belair points to the FTC’s pending lawsuit against Wyndham as an example of things to come. “Barring an adverse outcome in […]

LabMD and Wyndham Ask: Can the FTC Regulate Cybersecurity?

The FTC has been flexing its regulatory muscles in the realm of cybersecurity – and its targets are fighting back.  Medical testing laboratory LabMD is contesting an FTC complaint filed against it in August, alleging that the company failed to properly protect consumers’ personal data after information on more than 9,000 consumers was found on […]