From Lobby to Login: Elevating Password Protection in Hotels

VENZA Echo Weekly Feature

Strong passwords are only as good as the security of how they are stored.

Proactive, forward-thinking organizations should stay ahead of potential threats by establishing robust password storage policies.

Learn best practices for doing so in this week’s feature of the VENZA Echo.

Password Policies: A Must-Have for Hoteliers

VENZA Echo Weekly Feature

For hospitality, where the stakes are high, a formal password policy isn’t just recommended; it’s essential.

By defining clear, stringent password guidelines and ensuring adherence, companies can take a significant step towards safeguarding their data and reputation.

Find out more in this week’s feature of the VENZA Echo.

5 Quick Tips for Password Security

In the age of digital convenience, ensuring your hotel’s cybersecurity has never been more critical.

We’ve put together the Top 5 Tips for Password Security tailored just for you. Protect your brand’s reputation and your guest’s data with these actionable steps.

Strengthening Hotel Security with Physical Pen Testing

VENZA Echo Weekly Feature

Simple mistakes—like forgetting to lock restricted areas or verify the coverage of surveillance—can unravel even the strongest IT security program.

That’s why hoteliers increasingly rely on physical pen testing to review, assess, and improve their real-world data protection infrastructure.

Get the facts about this increasingly popular tool and some quick tips for maximizing its impact in this week’s feature of the VENZA Echo.