The New Areas of Study for the PCI Standards Security Council Could Impact PCI Compliance Training and PCI Compliance Programs for Hoteliers.

On November 28th, the PCI Standards Security Council (SSC) announced the results of the PCI Council election for areas of study for the Special Interest Groups (SIGS), which leverages the expertise of more than 650 PCI SSC Participating Organizations into the work of the Council.  The PCI community; including merchants, financial institutions, service providers and […]

A Recent Payment Card Threat Report Validates the Need for Hoteliers to Implement Robust PCI Compliance Programs.

On November 28th, SecurityMetrics published its second annual Payment Card Threat Report.   The report identified the hospitality industry as one of the most targeted by cybercriminals in order to compromise credit card security. The report states that the hospitality industry accounted for 18% of the total unencrypted payment card data storage among businesses tested. […]

Multi-Million Dollar Settlement of Lawsuit Over Sexual Assault at Sofitel Hotel is a Reminder to Hoteliers of the Need for Rigorous Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.

Former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn has reportedly settled the lawsuit filed against him by a Sofitel Hotel housekeeper who accused him of sexually assaulting her in his hotel room.  The amount of the private settlement is rumored to be $6 million. Had the case gone to trial, lawyers for the housekeeper—Nafissatou Diallo—told a New York […]

Hoteliers’ PCI Compliance Programs Should Incorporate New Risk Assessment Guidelines from the PCI Security Standards Council

On November 16, 2012, the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) released a “PCI DSS Risk Assessment Guidelines Information Supplement.”  The hospitality industry should use the document to help identify threats and associated vulnerabilities that could jeopardize payment card security. PCI SSC General Manager Bob Russo commented that the document provides, “a strong set of best […]

Community Relations Specialist (aka Buzz Architect) Needed

The Venza Group is offering a unique opportunity for individuals interested in community relations and marketing for the Hospitality/Retail and Training industries. We are seeking someone who can orchestrate interest (a “Buzz Architect”) through their enthusiastic, assertive, and hard-working disposition. The ideal candidate must enjoy people and possesses strong networking, presentation, communication and interpersonal skills. […]

Online Payment Problems Plague Hoteliers

Hotel executives, Internet travel bookers and global payment providers debated whether there are too many players in the online travel value chain during a session at the World Travel Market. The issue is becoming more pronounced as various third parties continue to push the onus of processing online payments to hoteliers, said David Cabreza, director […]

5 Min of Style Notes: 11/07/12

Thanks to those who attended. Today we discussed screen instructions in software training simulations and the importance of using clear language. The discussion focused on the following topics:   Be Specific – It’s a best practice to specifically identify what it is you want the learner to write, select, or click. Referencing only a field […]

5 Min of Style Notes: 10/31/12

Thanks to those who attended. Today we discussed the use of simulation instructions such as “Click” and “Select” in light of more contemporary navigational capabilities such as the “sweeping” of imagery and elements as is available on touchscreen and mobile devices. The discussion focused on the following topics:   Click vs. Select – The Venza […]

5 Min of Style Notes: 09/12/12

Thanks to those who attended. Today we discussed Venza Group templates available to curriculum developers. We made reference to the following: Q&A Worksheets – Made up of standard questions that must be answered during the curriculum development phase. SME Worksheets – A simple form that allows subject matter experts an easy-to-complete table that outlines skills […]