VENZA Leads the Way to Economic Recovery in Hospitality

VENZA Leads the Way to Economic Recovery in Hospitality

VENZA hires from within appointing Dominique Williams to Customer Success Manager shifting from Senior Customer Success Coach and appoints Richard Ross to Accounting Manager from a part time Accountant to this new fulltime role. VENZA secured capital in Q2 2020 to expand its operations and is now hiring for multiple positions including a Customer Success Director, Technical Writer/Communicator, and VP of Sales among other positions across the company.

VENZA Thrives During Economic Downturn

venza thrives during economic downturn graphic

VENZA is not only surviving during the economic downturn but thriving as it secures capital to expand its operations in 2020. “Extraordinary companies find a way to grow during a downturn,” says Jeff Venza, Chairman & CEO “and we have big plans for expansion with this new infusion of cash,” said Venza. VENZA is expanding its MSP division through a combination of hiring new staff and the acquisition of another MSP business that will provide not only complementary services but also reinforce the services VENZA already provides its customers.

VENZA Launches Vendor Security Assessments

On the one-year anniversary since the announcement of the world’s first (and still only!) privacy management solution equipped with hospitality-specific templates, the partnership between Privacy Company and VENZA once again bears fruit. This time, they have crafted a 3rd-Party Management solution that assesses the security risks associated with vendors, both current and prospective. This solution provides hotel groups with an easy-to-use system for managing the many agreements they have with their vendors (e.g. MSAs, SLAs, DPAs, AOCs) and assessing each vendor’s security posture.

VENZA now Offers IT Security Managed Services

Security Operations Center

VENZA now offers IT Security Managed Services at its new Security Operations Center at three West Garden Street in downtown Pensacola, Florida. With an official ribbon-cutting event scheduled for February, the MSP division employs a full-time staff both locally as well as in remote locations securing the hospitality industry 24/7/365.